QdbCacheServer Home Page


QDbCacheServer is a 3rd database service.
It's support data of query, insert, update and so on.

Where to get it?

Check for the latest version of QDbCacheServer at:


You can get help with QDbCacheServer using our mail lists
and webboards. We also offer some extended support options.
Please refer to our support page for further information:

QDbCacheServer Installation notes

Supported operating systems
We use GNU Autoconf so it is possible to compile and use mnoGoSearch on
almost every modern UNIX system with a C compiler without any modifications.
We develop the software on FreeBSD and RedHat Linux.

Currently known systems mnoGoSearch has been successfully compiled and
tested on are:

* FreeBSD 5.x, 6.x
* Linux 2.x

We hope QDbCacheServer will work on other Unix platforms as well.
Please report successful platforms to develop@doufuhua.com

Installing QDbCacheServer

1. Unpack the distribution and change dir into the top-level directory
of the unpacked distribution.

tar -zxf QDbCacheServer-.x.x.tar.gz

2. In case you would like to configure QDbCacheServer manually without using the configuration script, do the following:

sh$ ./configure

3. Build and install the package.

sh$ make
sh$ make install

4. binary and libriary